Vacuum Double Wall Luxury Insulated Water Bottle with Handle

  • Our drinkware is crafted from food grade 18/8 stainless steel ,is BPA-free,FDA approved, and highly resistant to rust, our drinkware is easy to dean by hand.
  • We use double-walled vacuum insulation technology, meaning the space between the stainless steel walls is void of matter
  • Choose from a variety of stylish powder coated options, the powder coating finish is durable and provides a fingerprint-free texture that is easy to dean
  • Keeping drink hot or cold 12-24H

Products Details

Capacity 350ml/500ml/750ml/1000ml
Material 18/8 Stainless Steel +  lid
OEM Customized color and logo
Usage Water, Drink, Sports, Home, Office, Travel, Gift, Promotion
Lead time 3-5 days for samples. 40-45 days for mass order
Color Customized color
MOQ Very welcome trial order
Advantage  BPA free ,vacuum insulated stainless steel double wall
1. What format of the file do you need if I want my own design? We have our own designer in house. So you can provide JPG, AI, cdr or PDF, etc. We will make 3D drawing for mold or printing screen for your final confirmation based on technique. 2. How many colors are available? We match colors with Pantone Matching System. So you can just tell us the Pantone color code you need . We will match the colors.Or we will recommend some popular colors to you. 3. What is your payment term? Our normal payment term is TT 30% deposite after order signed and 70% aganist copy of B/L. We also accept LC at sight.Thermos cups are indispensable in people's daily life. Many people like to drink hot water, and the thermos cup can keep the water temperature, so everyone basically uses it in winter. So, why it can keep warm, do you know the principle behind it? The thermos cup is developed from the thermos bottle. The principle of heat preservation is the same as that of the thermos bottle. For the convenience of carrying, the bottle is made into a cup. Earlier, people used thermos bottles to store hot water. Thermos bottles are also called thermos bottles, boiling water bottles or thermos pots. The mouth is closed with a cork. The modern vacuum flask was invented in 1892 by British physicist Sir James Dewar. At that time, he was doing a research work on liquefying gas. To liquefy gas at a low temperature, he first needed to design a container that could isolate the gas from the outside temperature. So he asked Berg, a glass technician, to blow a double bottle for him. Two-layer glass container, the inner walls of the two layers are coated with mercury, and then the air between the two layers is sucked out to form a vacuum. This kind of vacuum bottle is also called "Du bottle", which can keep the temperature of the liquid in it unchanged for a certain period of time regardless of whether it is cold or hot. There are three ways of heat transfer: heat conduction, heat convection and heat radiation. The liner of the insulated water bottle is a double-layer glass structure, and the middle is vacuumed to reduce heat conduction; the glass liner is blocked with a cork that is not easy to conduct heat, and hot water can be poured in to reduce heat convection; the liner is coated between the double-layer glass Silver, which can reflect the heat radiation inside the bottle back. Don't underestimate each small thermos bottle, it perfectly uses the three heat transfer methods to achieve the best heat preservation effect. The earliest thermos cup liner was the inner liner of a small thermos water bottle, but for the convenience of drinking, the inner liner mouth became open. With the development of society, this kind of fragile glass liner thermos cup has been rarely seen, and more thermos cups are made of stainless steel, but the principle of heat preservation is the same. The stainless steel thermos water bottle has a double-layer structure, and the inner tank and the cup body are welded together to form a vacuum, which does not transfer heat; the cock of the thermos water bottle has good sealing performance, and the heat loss is very little through convection. Copper or silver is plated between the inner tank and the two layers of stainless steel on the cup body, which can effectively reduce the heat lost by radiation. Stainless steel insulated water bottles are easy to carry, durable and easy to clean, and have gradually become a new favorite in the market. Generally speaking, the worst part of a thermos bottle is the bottleneck, so a thermos cup with a large capacity and a small mouth will have a better heat preservation effect. When traveling by car or doing outdoor sports, a large-capacity thermos cup becomes a must-have equipment. The thermos keeps the temperature not the warmth, so not only does it keep hot water at a certain temperature, but it can also keep things like sorbet at a certain temperature. The structure of the thermos cup makes it difficult for the heat inside to dissipate, and it is not easy for the heat outside to enter the inside, so the thermos cup can keep "warm" and "cold".

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