12oz Double Wall Stainless Steel Coffee Mug with Lid

1. double 18/8 stainless steel wall , internal copper plating,powder coating, 2. keeps warm or cold for long time 3. customize the different painting,and different print methods

Products Details

Model Number MJ-815/816
Product Name Wine Tumbler
Capacity 12OZ
Body material Double wallvacuum bottle,304 s/s inner & 201 s/s outer
Color Customized
Logo Silkscreen, Laser Engraved, Embossed, 3D UV Printing, etc..
Surface Finishing Powder Coating,Polishing,Spray Painting,Gas Dye Printing
Our aim: to enjoy the lightness along the way, accompanied by warmth. Long-term heat preservation, understand the temperature you want.1. Can I get sample? A. Of course.We can provide an existing sample for free and the freight is on your account. For custom design,sample charge is needed.It will be returned when order is up to a certain quantity. 2. How long is the sample lead time? A. For existing samples,it takes 2-3 days. For customized samples,about 7-10days,subject to your designs'complexity. 3. How long is the production lead time? A. It takes 25-35days after receiving the deposit and all packing materials confirmed.We will arrange the production time specially if urgent orders.There are thousands of types of cups that we use every day, and the materials of these cups are also different. For office workers, coffee cups are one of the most common cups. So, in addition to our common ceramic coffee cups, what other materials are there for coffee cups? How do we choose the material of coffee cups and ceramic plates in our daily life? Coffee cups, as the name implies, are cups used to hold coffee, and are generally made of ceramics. However, coffee that is packaged and taken away at a coffee shop often uses paper cups as containers. In addition to general ceramic and paper cups, coffee cups come in many other materials. So what is the best material for coffee mugs? How to choose the material of coffee mugs? Let Jenny tell you! 1 stainless steel coffee mug First of all, let's take a look at the stainless steel coffee cup. Usually, we don't use kitchen tableware stainless steel cups as coffee cups for coffee, but beverages such as coffee can still be placed in stainless steel cups. However, in an acidic environment, the metal elements in the stainless steel may undergo some chemical reactions and dissolve. At this time, the drink in the cup will be polluted and it is not suitable for drinking. Therefore, it is not safe to put coffee, orange juice and other acidic beverages in stainless steel cups. If you use stainless steel cups as coffee cups, it is best to drink the coffee in the cup in the shortest possible time! 2 paper coffee cups What is the best material for coffee cups? Let's take a look at paper coffee cups. Paper coffee cups are usually used to hold takeaway coffee and other beverages, which can be used for one-time use and are convenient to carry. However, we generally cannot judge the pass rate of paper coffee cups, nor do we know whether they are clean and hygienic. And some paper cups that look very white and look very clean may contain a large amount of fluorescent whitening agent, which may cause cell mutation and become a potential human carcinogen. Therefore, it is best not to use paper coffee cups, and you can choose food-grade plastic cups or ceramic cups instead. 3 plastic coffee cups What is the best material for a coffee cup? How about a plastic coffee cup? When a cup made of plastic is used to hold hot water or hot coffee or other hot drinks, it is easy to dilute some toxic chemicals contained in the cup into the water, which is harmful to the human body. Health hazard. Moreover, some unclean substances may be hidden inside the plastic, which is easy to breed bacteria. Therefore, it is necessary to do a good job in household maintenance, or choose a PP plastic cup with better heat resistance and a "5" marked on the bottom of the cup. 4 colorful coffee cups What kind of material is good for coffee cups? Next, let's take a look at the colorful coffee cups. Multicolored coffee mugs, one of the kitchen utensils, are mugs with various bright colors. This cup is usually beautiful in appearance, but when the cup is filled with boiling water or a drink with higher acidity and alkalinity, the heavy metal substances in the cup body paint such as lead will be dissolved in the drink, causing harm to the human body. Therefore, even though the colorful coffee cup looks very beautiful, Jenny still does not recommend that you use it as a coffee cup to hold coffee. 5 glass coffee mugs What is the best material for coffee cups? How about glass coffee cups? Glass coffee cups are the safest and healthiest of all coffee cups. Most glass coffee cups are tempered glass tableware, and the cups basically do not contain organic chemical substances, so there is no need to worry about unknown chemical substances when drinking coffee or other beverages from glass cups. Moreover, the glass body is smooth, easy to clean, and difficult to breed bacteria and dirt. However, glasses aren't very heat-resistant, so they're usually used for iced coffee rather than hot coffee.12oz Double Wall Stainless Steel Coffee Mug with L04
  • 304 stainless steel
  • multilayer material
  • long-term insulation
  • various colors
  • Leak-proof
  • portable travel
  • Multi-layer material, durable heat preservation and cold preservation, vacuum insulation technology, layer-by-layer protection, effectively reducing heat loss;
  • Stainless steel liner, double-layer SUS304, carefully selected high-quality 304 stainless steel, combined with high vacuum technology, vacuum insulation, anti-oxidation, corrosion resistance;
  • All-round leak-proof, worry-free travel and carry, the lid has a built-in sealing silicone ring, and it does not leak when it is unnecessary to invert it.
Our thoughtful details: the sealed cup lid is safe and secure, the wide-mouth design is easy to clean, the bottom of the cup is stable, wear-resistant and does not tip over.

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